April 2018 News


K12 Student Wallet is the future for obtaining a Cash Free Campus at your school district!  With K12 Student Wallet, parents authorize their students to make school-related purchases and can lock down daily limits. There is no cash, check, or credit card exchange required throughout the school. Your schools will no longer need to “chase the money” for school items, activities and events.

K12 Student Wallet also provides an added layer of security, control and credit card protection. Each time Student Wallet is used, parents receive an email receipt describing what was purchased, the amount paid, and where the transaction took place by their students.

Liability to the school is reduced due to less payment handling, theft or lost cash. Funds are disbursed to assigned bank accounts of the school. Wait time at special events, seamless integration, and accurate payment reporting saves your staff time and resources.

It’s easy to get started, contact us to learn more about how K12 Student Wallet will provide many other benefits for your school!


Now is the time to get set up with our Mobile Optimized Parent Payment Website!    This website replaces the legacy website which will be phased out by July 5, 2018. Your staff will now see a message on our administrative website reminding them of this upcoming transition.

The optimized site has many features which aid in making payments with less confusion and time.  Added features include:

  • The icon can be placed right on the home screen of the user’s device.
  • Users can submit guest payments without setting up an account.
  • User friendly with any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Contact Customer Relations to get set up today!


In-Person Payments     Better Integration     More Mobility

EFS has developed an all-in-one, Point of Sale (POS) System that will accept a variety of payment types for a multitude of payment options.  And now, because your school’s Apple tablets have wireless internet connection, your POS System can go anywhere at any time.  Whether offering the ability to pay for student fees, spirit wear or donations, EFS can create a customized POS System that will best suit any school.

Contact us to learn more about POS Tablet!


EFS is in the midst of a reorganization! Customer Relations and Integration are separating.  While we will still be housed in the same building, the EFS CRRs will handle all incoming emails and calls and Integration will become it’s own department.  This will allow both departments to focus on quick and accurate responses.  Best of all, we are growing as a company to help better serve our customers!


With just over two months left in the school year, now is time to give yourself reminders about turning your EFS site off and adjusting site access features.  Also please remember those graduating seniors who have Low Meal Balance Auto Replenish.  If that feature does not get shut off, those payments will continue to process.

Contact us if you need assistance disabling your EFS Features.


EFS may be visiting your area!  Check out our upcoming conferences.  We would love to see you!

NE PSUG-Springfield, MA              April 16-18

PA Skyward-Grantville, PA            April 18-19

KS Skyward-Wichita, KS                 May 1-2

MSBO MI-Detroit, MI                      April 17-19

SE PSUG-Myrtle Beach, SC            April 30-May 2

WASBO WI-WI Dells, WI                May 17-18