Autopay & Recurring

Parents appreciate efficiency and that is exactly what our AutoPay and recurring payments provide. Whether a parent prefers replenishing their student’s lunch account automatically or just wants student fees deducted when assessed, our AutoPay and recurring payment solutions are perfect for parents who want less hassle and more time.


Automatic Payment

  • Great service for parents with busy schedules.
  • Parents authorize service -required student fees automatically paid
  • Parents establish limit on low lunch balance auto replenish.
  • Payment confirmations automatically emailed to parents.
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Guaranteed Lunch

  • Parent signs up for Guaranteed Lunch, the school agrees to feed students lunch, even when the student’s lunch account is overdrawn and in return, EFS will guarantee payments to the school even if EFS cannot collect the funds.
  • Avoids social disgrace when students lunch account goes negative, requiring a peanut butter sandwich.
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Low Lunch Balance Auto Replenishment

  • Student and lunch balance information automatically received from school.
  • Low Balance parent emails automatically sent each morning.
  • Parent activates low balance auto replenishment online or via mobile device.
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Recurring Payments

  • Great service for parents on a tight budget.
  • Parents authorize a set amount to be paid to the school on a set frequency.
  • Use recurring payments for lunch, donations, club dues and other needs.
  • Use recurring payments for non-student related payments such as recurring cobra insurance payments from retired teachers or monthly staff billing.

Payment Plans

  • Perfect payment solution for invoices/bills too large for average parent.
  • Payment Plan allows school to establish outstanding balance and repayment parameters.
  • Parents use online system to create payment schedule that fits their budget.
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