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Cost Savings -this unique program has been designed specifically for schools to simplify and speed up check processing; saving the school time and money.

Eliminate Trips to the Bank - the Expedited Check Processing system converts paper checks to electronic images. Images are sent to the bank via Internet.

Automatic Lookup - as checks are scanned, they are automatically cross-referenced to the students' name and ID number, identifying all students within that household.

NSF Retries - if the payment is returned NSF, the system will automatically schedule the check for another attempt.

Multiple Division of a Single Check - as a check is scanned, it can be applied to several school functions, even if each school function has a seperate deposit account at the bank.

Multi-Tasking - once checks are scanned, your bank deposit, lunch program and/or student tracking systems are simultaneously created.

Ease of Research - because the system stores the check image, the name and ID number of the student(s) receiving credit, and the school function that was paid, settling payment disputes with parents becomes easier and faster.


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