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As each check is scanned, the system stores several items related to the payment for audit purposes, including the check's serial number, parent, guardian or other third party making the payment, student(s) and/or school function(s) where the check was applied, and, finally, time and date processed.
The system automatically tracks and reports returned payment information, allowing the e-funds for Schools system to track all returned payments back to the originating source, including where the payment was applied.

The audit tracking features can track payments by school building and school function. This allows for quick and easy advisement to specific groups that a payment was processed or returned unpaid, such as the sports department, lunch provider, band booster, athletic booster, PTO and all other organizations allowed to accept checks through the school.

Payment history is available online for the present school year and the prior school year.

All payment history is kept in accordance to banking and other government regulations.


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