Achieve Full Compliance

To meet industry payment compliance, your school is responsible for selecting a vendor with the highest degree of safety and soundness when providing services to your community.

Regulatory oversight of a payment vendor is one of the best methods your school has available when determining a vendor’s compliance to rules and regulations.

Credit card processors are required to meet PCI compliance.  E~Funds for Schools parent company holds a LEVEL 1 PCI rating, the highest in the payment industry.  Our payment systems are scanned on a regular basis to ensure parent payment information is kept safe and secure.

A SAS-70 Type II audit is conducted annually on our data center, as well as a Risk Assessment Audit, an IT Security Audit, and a Financial Audit, all conducted by licensed third party audit firms.  A special FFEIC audit has been performed by both State and Federal government regulatory agencies. 

Our full compliance means your school will meet full compliance. 


That is peace of mind.