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Cost Savings
-this unique program has been designed specifically for schools and can be implemented at virtually no cost to the school.


The program allows parents to pay the school by having their personal checking account or credit card electronically debited, thereby eliminating checks and cash they now send to the school with their students; saving the school time and money.

Enhancement to School's Accounting Program - the program has a fully automated collection, tracking, and recording of funds received for all school functions. e-Funds for Schools also includes an interface into the school's accounting system. Student activity and payment history reports are standard. Cash flow projections and payment forecasting reports are also included. All payment files and reports are Internet accessible.

Multiple Payment Options Available To Parents - parents can select payments by credit card, debit card, or from their checking account. The parent can initiate each payment or they can select the automated, recurring payment service.

Credit Card Acceptance - the school may accept payment via credit card. Because the e-Funds for Schools service is a third party program, arrangements can be made allowing the school to receive the full amount due, eliminating fees a school would normally pay when accepting payment via credit card.

Declining Balances and Recuring Payments - this program can be integrated into the school's lunch program. When a student's lunch fund account runs low, a pre-determined amount will be transferred from the parent's checking or credit card account automatically. The parent is advised of the payment by e-mail.


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