Sharing Is Caring

E~Funds for School is pleased to announce the release of Sharing is Caring.  This new feature allows your school to establish Fund-raising opportunities for one or multiple school Fund-raising needs.


Parents are asked to approve a donation of $.50 to a selected school Fund-raising effort when they are making On-line payments to your school.  The $.50 is added to the parent’s payment amount, and then, the $.50 is donated to your school.


To learn more about our Fund-raising program click here to read the March Newsletter dedicated to helping your school raise more money, with little effort.


Note to lunch directors: please pass this news release to your school’s business office, as it will allow authorized school organizations to raise money from parents making lunch payments. 




Operator Rights Scheduled Update

An update to the systems Operator Access Rights is scheduled for release the week of February 7th.


This update will add more options to the way Operator Rights work, provide for additional security protection to the e~Funds for Schools system, and provide new options that will allow your school to further restrict staff to more targeted system access.


Your school should see no effect on the access privileges to staff currently authorized to access the e~Funds for Schools system. 


Your school administrators should review these new features in order to become more familiar with the new security features now available to your school district.


Phase two of the new Operator Rights will add more Dynamic reports to the system, allowing your school to restrict staff to specific payment reports and specific payment items.


Please contact our e~Funds for Schools customer service department if you have further questions regarding this release.     



eFunds for Schools News Release

Scheduled for Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010


To view a listing of new enhancements, click here.




Please Be Advised

An upgrade to the online parent payment system will be applied the week of August 16, 2010.


The upgrade will simplify the payment process and provide parents additional payment features.


To Preview this new release click here.




Dear Parent,


As the school year is winding down for the summer, please check the pre-authorized payment that you set up in eFunds for Schools. If you want to stop these payments from continuing over the summer do the following:


- Login to your eFunds for Schools account...then click on the trashcan symbol to the right of the listed preauthorized payment(s) to delete the pre-authorized payment.


- You may also edit the pre-authorized payment clicking on the pencil/paper symbol to verify or change how many more times the payment will be taken out vefore it stopes automatically. (# of Payments box)


Thank you for using the eFunds for Schools service.





Your school can turn the eFunds for Schools payment channel off for the summer if you choose. This will not allow payments any kind until you turn back on. Please send a notice to parents that the site is temporarily turned off if you initiate this featue. Remind parents to check their automatic payment settings for the school year.


Login to the school side of the program... select "Setup"... click on the "Site Access" tab at the top... click on the little circle on the right. Now select the date to start the downtime (for stopping access) and the date to stop the downtime (to allow access again) Next... Click on "All" itemms to stop and then click on "Submit"