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Cash Tracker is a complementary module that can be easily added to the e~Funds for Schools system with the highest degree of payoff.

Cash can be accepted and tracked from any location within your school district, or consolidated at a single drop box location.

The Cash Tracker system is the best defense your school district has when it comes to preventing loss of money, fraud and other related financial risk management issues.

Cash can be accepted and recorded at one location and later verified at the district’s central accounting office thereby generating maximum efficiencies with the greatest safeguards.

Electronic receipts and cash payment history by student, parent, building and school activity allows both the school and parent to verify all payments quickly and easily.

Your school may make a single cash deposit and allow the Cash Tracker system to automatically distribute funds into multiple accounts.  Thereby eliminating the time consuming process of creating individual bank deposit tickets and the task of verifying individual deposits on bank statements.

Business managers can quickly review daily summary reports and locate cash deposit information at a glance.


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