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The Cash Tracker system allows your school to accept a cash payment from a single child within a family, and quickly distribute it to multiple children and multiple events, even if the children do not attend the same school building.

If your school uses multiple bank deposit accounts to separate payments that are made to a specific school, lunch system, school activity or for any other reason, the Cash Tracker system is just what you are looking for.

The Cash Tracker system allows your school to deposit all cash funds into one deposit account.  The system will then automatically distribute funds to the appropriate deposit accounts based on the school activity that was paid.

Your school can reduce staff labor by establishing a “payment drop box” at a single location within each school building.  By selecting a secure location, your school will reduce risk exposure of lost or misdirected funds and make it easier than ever for parents and students to make payments and school donations.

The Cash Tracker system records the full amount of the original deposit and each student and school event where funds were allocated.  At anytime, both the school and parent can access the system and view a complete history of when payments were received and where they were allocated.

To reduce disagreement with parents regarding the receipt of payments, the Cash Tracker system can send an email confirmation within minutes of posting indicating that the cash payment had been accepted by your school and a detailed listing of where each payment was allocated.

How much staff time could this valuable service save your school?


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