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The Cash Tracker system allows parents to register for electronic cash receipt at no cost.

The process is fast and easy.  Parents simply logon to the school’s website where they will find a link for “Electronic Cash Receipts”.  Simply by entering their children’s student ID numbers and their personal email address, they will activate the automatic “electronic cash receipt” system.

Parents no longer need to give cash to each of the children for school activities, such as lunch. The Cash Tracker system will accept a single deposit from a designated child and will automatically distribute funds into each child’s account, even if they attend separate school buildings.

A single cash payment can be allocated to several children and separate school activities, making it easier than ever for parents to make school payments. 

Each time your school accepts and posts cash payments from any child within the family, the parent will automatically receive an “Electronic Cash Receipt” of payment, allowing the parent to verify their child delivered the cash to your school and your school posted the full amount given to the child.  The system will even inform the parent where cash was allocated.

Immediate “Electronic Cash Receipts” allows parents to verify that their child delivered the full amount of cash to the school, eliminating concerns that parents have in matters involving cash, and reducing cash delivery arguments with your school’s staff.

Cash Tracker and “Electronic Cash Receipting”, just another great benefit from the e~Funds for Schools program.


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