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The advanced features of Cash Tracker are designed to provide maximum control of cash receipting by introducing the "Cash Tracker Ticket”.

By implementing a single cash collection point (i.e. Deposit Drop Box) your school can require students and/or parents to complete a “Cash Tracker Ticket” with each payment. 

To provide the maximum audit trail and dual control over all cash payments, your school will require all cash be inserted into a Cash Tracker envelope, along with the Cash Tracker Ticket.  The Deposit Drop Box would be opened by authorized school personnel in a dual control environment.

Each Cash Tracker Ticket lists each child who is to receive any portion of the cash payment, along with the school activities where payment is to be allocated.  The ticket also requires parents or students to indicate how much cash they inserted into the envelope and an optional parent signature space.

After recording all cash deposits, Cash Tracker Tickets, and verifying the deposit totals, the tickets are scanned via an e~Funds for Schools check scanning device.  This device can also be used for Remote Deposit Capture of your schools payments by check.

As Cash Tracker Tickets are scanned, ticket images are bundled into today’s deposit image file.  Staff and school auditors can access any day’s deposit images at anytime for the current and previous school year.  Tickets generated by parents and students can be easily matched to cash deposits that were made each day by your school.


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