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The Cash Tracker system is fully integrated with the e~Funds for Schools suite of products.

School administrators and business managers can easily view daily reports that include all cash payments, along with online payments and checks written by parents.

If your school is using an approved e~Funds for Schools integrated partner, all cash payments are automatically posted to school activities, such as your school lunch program.

Cash payments can be viewed by your school’s staff and parents for the current school year when reviewing payments made by a specific parent and student.

Cash payments are easily processed along with payments made by checks.  Cash Tracker makes integration easy by allowing the process to take place at the same time, saving your school valuable time and money. 

Because the Electronic Cash Receipt registration process is integrated with “low balance”, “recurring payments”, “online payments” and other e~Funds for Schools electronic payment services, parents will send less cash and checks to your school.


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