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The Cash Tracker system produces many comprehensive reports.
For example, the system generates individual batches when your school allows cash to be accepted in multiple locations, allowing you to track cash receipts and deposits made to your school’s corporate account(s).  The Cash Deposit report is your school’s first step toward dual control and control of cash payments.

Cash receipts are automatically reported on standard reports, such as the popular District Report, Payments by School Building, and the detailed School Event Payment report.

The Cash Tracker system provides daily and month-end Bank Deposit reports, a detailed Bank Reconciliation report, and a variety of reports designed to make balancing quick and easy.

Parents will enjoy the payment history reports that can be accessed, as well as the electronic receipt reporting.  History detail reports will resolve many payment related disagreements with parents, saving your school valuable time and money.

Reports are available by our easy access of today’s reports, reports for the past 90-days and the option of retrieving reports for the current and past school year.


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