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While electronic parent receipts are a popular feature of the Cash Tracker system, the principle purpose of the system is to monitor and control cash payments within your school district.

The system was created with two environments in mind.  The highest degree of control can be obtained by implementing a centralized point of receipt with dual control of cash access.
Cash Tracker will assist your school in creating the ultimate in a single cash receipt entry point with the maximum audit trail and dual control features.

Still need to accept cash in multiple locations in your district or within an individual campus?  That’s no problem.  Cash Tracker provides your school with advanced dual control features, allowing your business manager to have the ultimate control of cash payments.

When you implement the optional Cash Tracker Ticket imaging process, you will provide your school’s management and auditors with the maximum control and protection from lost cash receipts.

Imaging of parent signed Cash Tracker Tickets allows auditors to track every cash payment from the initial source, to the student payment was allocated to, school function paid for and, finally, the exact bank account that received the money.

No other system can provide your school with the cash management features available in the Cash Tracker system.


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