Looking for a payment processor that has it all!  Look no further.

Our e~Funds for Schools “Single Sign-on/Single Pay” technology provide parents, teachers, students and your community with the most advanced payment system in the world.

Our “Single Sign-on/Single Pay” program is the nucleus of our
Pay-Save-Share based system.


Our ~Wizard~ technology allows for easy integration with multiple vendors system allowing payers to use the “Single Sign-on/Single Pay” payment system.  E~Funds can interface into multiple systems at no cost to the school.


E~Funds for Schools’ Pay – Save – Share technology makes it easier than ever for parents to make online payments, save a little for college and donate to a fund raising, all in one easy payment.


Your school will see a reduction in cash and check payments as soon as Pay – Save – Share is activated on your schools website and your school will see a dramatic increase in fund raising.


What are you waiting for, e~Funds for Schools is free to your school and Pay – Save – Share is icing on the cake.