Student Wallet - Coming Fall 2017

With Student Wallet, students no longer need to carry cash for school fees and purchases. Student Wallet allows parents to authorize virtual credit card payments for school-related purchases such as art supplies, bookstore materials, snacks, spirit wear, ticket sales, and any other items offered within a district.   Read more


Student Wallet

  • Students can make purchases throughout the district without cash.
  • Parents have full control of maximum daily and weekly spending limits.
  • Parents can cancel Student Wallet at any time from their mobile phone.
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Parental Controls

  • Parents establish Student Wallet for only students they feel are ready for responsible spending.
  • Works like a cash student allowance, but without the cash.
  • Parents pay the cost of the program – no cost to the school.
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Payments by Cash and Checks

  • Multiple Express Checkout terminals serve students faster.
  • Significant reduction in staff labor cost for cash payment acceptance.
  • Students select desired payments and purchases and verify cash-in-hand is sufficient.
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