Athletics & Fine Arts

It doesn’t matter if students want to play sports, play an instrument or take the lead role in a play, EFS makes your pay-to-play fees quick and simple with our extensive campus solutions. Concession snacks, merchandise purchases and ticket sales benefit most from accepting multiple methods of onsite payments, especially credit/debit cards and Student Wallet.



Online pay-to-play payments provide an effortless resource for athletic and fine art activities. The EFS Core system is optimized so parents can make payment on any device: desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Help district staff reduce cash and check payments by giving parents the option of paying with an ACH direct debit or credit/debit card. Collecting activity fees has never been so simple!

K12 Student Wallet

The purpose of EFS Student Wallet is to reduce the amount of cash and checks athletic and fine art departments processes each day, and to speed up payment acceptance. It allows students to make purchases without cash by allowing parents/guardians to authorize a maximum credit a student may spend on tickets, spirit wear and concessions.    Show more


EFS is helping athletic and fine art departments raise money through our online and mobile fundraising solution. Your school may solicit support for any number of department needs with parents adding donations to spirit wear or pay-to-play purchases. Through the guest donations feature, whether around the corner or miles away, alumni and extended family can make contributions too.

Recurring Payment

Parents on a budget often find recurring payments are the best option when faced with substantial pay-to-play or summer camp fees. By allowing parents to schedule payments on a fixed frequency, quite often the day after being paid, it reduces the stress of overbearing balances. Parents will establish a given dollar amount to be direct debited from a checking account or charged to a credit/debit card.

Electronic Receipting

Whether your parents, staff or guests use the traditional online browser-based system or with our Mobile Pay interface, electronic receipting is standard. It is also available for all POS transactions as well as K12 Student Wallet and Express Checkout. Receipts provide payers with detailed transaction information that match in-school reports making research on payment questions quick and easy.