Before & After School Child Care

Our Before and After School Child Care suite will save your staff time by accepting online, mobile and in-person payments for weekly and monthly invoices. Online and mobile solutions accept credit/debit card or direct debit payments, while our POS tablets and terminals accept cash, check or credit/debit card. Parents can track payments through their EFS transaction history, traditional printed receipts or our electronic receipting.


Fees & Tuition

EFS makes accepting your fees and tuition for before and after school childcare easy and affordable. If using an integrated partner for fee management, we will receive the previous business day’s information by 6:00am EDT. Our real-time API retrieves outstanding fees and tuition when parents log into EFS so they have accurate balances even on nights and weekends.  Show more

Auto Charge

Busy parents who simply want before and after school charges paid-in-full can utilize Auto Charge, the AutoPay solution for student fees. Parents will list a credit or debit card for a pre-authorized payment anytime your department assesses fees or tuition.  Show more

Recurring Payments

Not quite ready for Auto Charge, but want to offer automated payments to your parents? Recurring payments provide a solution to pay the same amount in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly increments. EFS allows parents the flexibility to set the amount, frequency and duration of their recurring payment, and accepts both ACH direct debit or credit/debit card.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

Sometimes life is easier with the swipe of a card. Give parents an onsite EFS option to make payment via credit or debit card. Our POS suite lets your department choose between two different platforms that accept cash, check and card payments. Perfect for parents who want to address outstanding balances at drop-off or pick-up, but also great for those who have yet to create an EFS parent account.