Business Managers & Bookkeepers

Automating daily cash and check payments from students will save your staff time. Implementing electronic payments via online, mobile and K12 Student Wallet reduces cash and check transactions, which will save parents time. EFS makes it easy to offer items for electronic payment, and the reconciliation process is quick and simple. We will also help “get-the-word-out” with our cost-free Parent Marketing Program.


Student Fees

Most student and parent transactions using cash and check are for required student fees or assessed fines. EFS establishes a single-source system for payment items needed by your school district. Required fees can be imported from your school’s SIS, automatically displaying the balance to parents, and payments can be posted to student accounts using online or mobile platforms.  Show more

Electronic Receipting

Whether payments are made online, using our mobile app or scheduled on a recurring basis, electronic receipting is standard. Payment notifications are emailed to payers and confirmation is delivered almost instantly. Electronic receipts provide payers with detailed transaction information, matching your school’s EFS reports, making payment inquiries fast and easy.

Cash Tracking

EFS provides your school faster cash and check payment processing and tracking. Detailed account reporting is also applied when processing a single check or cash payment that spans multiple departments or school buildings. Splitting a single payment between multiple bank accounts is automatic and your school will find reconciliation quite simple. Business Managers are able to view all collected cash and checks located throughout the school campus that have not been delivered to the business office for deposit.

Free & Reduced Available Campus Wide

EFS can use your school’s Free and Reduced settings from lunch and SIS integration in our online, mobile or POS platforms. Schools can use this feature to signal other items available at a discounted price throughout its campus as well.    Show more

Optional Fees

Students and parents need to pay for a variety of optional fees. EFS permits parents to select optional fees when paying online, mobile or in-person. Optional fees can be paid at the same time a parent is addressing required student fees, funding lunch accounts, purchasing tickets or making a donation. Reports include detailed payment information and funds can be split into multiple bank or GL accounts.

Choice of Payment Types

EFS accepts four different payment methods. Credit and debit cards are two, however, because of the lower processing cost, over 60% of parents pay by Direct Debit. Schools currently absorbing credit card processing fees will reduce their annual budget costs by implementing a Direct Debit option. Also gaining in popularity is K12 Student Wallet, which is designed to eliminate students from using cash and check for purchases.

K12 Student Wallet

The purpose of K12 Student Wallet is to reduce the amount of cash and checks schools must process each day, while speeding up the process of accepting payments. It allows students to make purchases throughout campus using a pre-authorized credit. Parents and guardians will choose a daily or weekly maximum for food, fees or any other items made available. Show more