Express Checkout - Coming Q4 2019

In today’s world, retail stores offer shoppers an experience that serve customers faster and save significant amounts in labor costs. EFS Express Checkout is designed to accept hundreds of dollars in cash and personal check payments from students within minutes.    Show more


Centralized Cash & Check Acceptance

  • Accept cash and checks at one location within each school building.
  • Express Checkout prints payment acknowledgements for items delivered at multiple campus locations.
  • Acceptance locations deliver products or services when presented with receipts.
  • Payment by credit card or K12 Student Wallet requires no payment verification.
  • Verification of cash and check payments simplified.

Payment by Credit Card & K12 Student Wallet

  • Multiple Express Checkout terminals serve students faster.
  • No staff labor cost for credit card and Student Wallet purchases or payments.
  • Credit card or K12 Student Wallet charged for selected payments and purchases.
  • No credit card cost to the school. Parents pay the fee.
  • Parents receive payment confirmation email.
  • Payment receipt automatically printed ready for acceptance or distribution station.