Fall News/Sept & Oct

Don’t Be Spooked! Your Data is Safe with Us!

To stay informed about cybersecurity, take a look at these true stories:

With e~Funds for Schools, you never need to be scared about the dark web stealing valuable information.  We keep your data fully encrypted and secure.

This School Administrative Assistant embezzled thousands of dollars.  With EFS’ K12

eWallet and other electronic payment solutions, money never passes through slippery fingers:  https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article235854462.html

This article from Forbes shares important data and ideas on staying safe:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/louiscolumbus/2019/10/01/its-time-to-solve-k-12s-cybersecurity-crisis/#4997376d4262 Never worry about being tricked!  You can be assured EFS takes cybersecurity serious, taking every step possible to ensure the security of your information and files.

Sign More Parents Up For EFS

Did you know EFS offers FREE help in getting the word out to your parents? Increase parent usage with flyers, post cards and guides which we create for you! To get started with this FREE service, please fill out the Request for Marketing and return it via fax 616.784.2376 or email.   

Welcome New Staff!

Welcome new EFS Customer Relations Representative, Riley Tomlinson.  We are happy you have joined the Magic-Wrighter Family!