February 2021 News


Make it easy for parents to find your e~Funds for Schools link on your web page. You can place it in Quick Links or someplace prominent so parents don’t have to search your site. You can use the EFS logo to help identify your link.

Implement ONLINE PAYMENTS for all Departments

For the Departments in your School District that accept cash and checks for purchases and services, online payments can easily be activated. Contact our EFS representatives today to find out how!

Fundraising Campaign Solutions makes accepting NO-CONTACT DONATIONS a breeze

Want to increase contributions in your fundraising campaigns? With the mobile optimized platform, you can accept donations 24/7. Funds will go directly to your school bank account through your customized donation site. The possibilities are endless! Not only can it be used for community donations, but it can be used for athletics, choir, adult ed, class trips, technology updates, and so much more! Ask us how you can get started! Contact our specialist with any questions.

COMING SOON ~ School Initiated Refunds!

Watch for more information on our user-friendly system!

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Did you know we offer a COMPLEMENTARY MARKETING solution! Get more info!


K12 Student Wallet is the No-touch Payments solution you’ve been looking for!