Food Services

Meal payments, for many schools, are the most popular and consistent online transaction. However, many vendors do not focus on all of the needs for a Food Services Director or Child Nutrition Department. As a part of the EFS Core System, we have broadened the landscape for your food and nutrition services by offering more parent, staff and organization options than any other K12 payment solutions provider.


Meal Balances

Each day, before 6:00am, EFS receives the prior day’s ending file for student meal balances directly from the school or through its integrated meal vendor; the ending file contains student name, account balance, grade and building number. This data transfer is how we provide your parents with AutoPay, recurring payments and low-meal balance notifications.    Show more

Online Web Hosted

Your staff will never need to worry about installing or maintaining software on its school’s network with EFS. We remove credit/debit card acceptance risk and worry by passing parents from your school’s website to our online web hosted, highly secure, payment processing system. All PCI/DSS sensitive data is stored on the EFS network removing school responsibility from strict payment processing compliance.

Traditional Online Versus Mobile Payments

Traditional PC-based online payments are being surpassed by parents wanting to use a mobile device. Because of this trend, EFS has created an API allowing mobile app providers to accept meal payments with little effort. For schools who do not have a provider, we offer our mobile-optimized payment interface. Parents can add the EFS logo to the home screen of their mobile device and simply tap to make a payment.

Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Direct Debit

EFS offers multiple forms of payment. While credit and debit cards are still the most popular, given a choice, over 60% of parents would rather use an ACH direct debit because of its lower processing costs. If a school is currently absorbing credit card surcharges for their parent payments, they too can see significant savings to its annual budget by accepting ACH payments.

Guaranteed Lunch

Children can experience traumatic social disgrace when they must eat a peanut butter sandwich because their account is overdrawn. To avoid embarrassment, EFS offers Guaranteed Lunch. This solution ensures parents who enroll in the program that their student will always be served a meal regardless of balance. EFS will also guarantee schools receive payment even when the funds cannot be collected from the family.


Providing food services to other departments and organizations brings the unwanted task of tracking down its payment. AutoPay eliminates any delay in getting paid for invoices by automatically debiting a listed credit or debit card. Food service or catering requests no longer need to go through a billing cycle each time an order is delivered. Simply debit their listed card and EFS will email payment confirmation.

Low Balance Options

EFS offers low balance notifications to parents who authorize the service. Parents can also activate a low balance option that automatically replenishes funds to their student’s meal account once it drops below a specific amount. Parents choose what specific amount works best for them and receive an email once their payment is processed. Low balance payments can be made using a credit/debit card or ACH direct debit.

Recurring Payment

Parents on a budget often find recurring payments are a great convenience. The EFS System allows payers to schedule an ACH direct debit or credit/debit card charge for a fixed amount. Quite often set for the day after payday, parents choose between weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments. One-time, post-dated payments are available as well since parents can choose an end date for any automatic withdrawal.

Staff Lunch Funding

EFS integrates with vendors that offer staff lunch accounts within its food service module. Our vendor integration provides online and mobile access for administrators, teachers and personnel wanting an easy, on-the-go funding option for their meal balances. Lunch payments are posted in just a few seconds after taking payment and staff receive confirmation via email notification.

Free & Reduced Settings

EFS can recognize your free and reduced student settings in our POS, online and mobile payment platforms. Schools can take advantage of this development to flag other purchases available for discounted pricing. For example, the bookstore sells bottled water and flavored drinks; students with no discount pay full price while students on free or reduced lunch will have the price automatically adjusted.


EFS provides parents and guests an easy way to say “thank you” to that special teacher or donate toward a pay-it-forward campaign like “Feed-A-Student”. Designated by the donor, our fundraising module permits $10, $15 or $20 donations to the Food Services Department for a specific staff person or program. This EFS solution is great for helping to increase funds through online, mobile and in-person contributions.

Before & After School Child Care Snacks

EFS makes it easy for parents to purchase snacks when their child is attending before and after school care. We supply your department’s choices through a drop-down menu so making food selections is a fast and use-friendly experience. Added bonus – parents can pay for snacks at the same time they address tuition!

Reporting & Reconciliation

Static and dynamic reports are available 24/7. Reports provide detailed payment transaction information that Food Service Directors have come to expect. Dynamic reports allow search requests by date, school building, payment method and more. In addition to different filters, reports can be exported in PDF or Excel format so food services has flexibility when storing its online payments.    Show more

K12 Student Wallet

Promoting convenience and safety, K12 Student Wallet eliminates the need for children to carry cash for district purchases. EFS allows your parents to extend an authorized credit toward school-related items such as ticket sales, bookstore supplies, spirit wear, art material, a-la-carte snacks and any other items your school would like to make available.  Show more