Fundraising & Donations

District donations and school fundraisers are a breeze with EFS platforms and special services. Give your building projects, STEAM programs and sport boosters an electronic upgrade with 24/7 access and mobile acceptance.  Online donations will provide your school access to graduates and student relatives not living in your local community.


Booster Clubs

EFS helps athletic and fine art booster clubs raise money through our Fundraising & Donations module. Your school can accept club contributions online when parents are adding to meal balances or use their smartphone if they only want to donate. Guests can also use Mobile Pay so alumni won’t need to create an EFS parent account, while grandparents can help support organizations by visiting onsite.

Community Support

School districts can customize the fundraisers and donations offered to its community through EFS. Dictate default settings with our District-Choice option presented on the EFS parent page and promote year-round support as listings don’t have expiration dates. POS tablets give further flexibility for community contributions by accepting cash, check and credit/debit cards from wherever you have internet access.

Program Funding

Use our Fundraising & Donations module to implement and improve department programs that help the needy or show appreciation. “Feed-a-Student”, “Treat-your-Teach” and STEM campaigns are great examples of how schools can promote caring and fellowship within its district. EFS will make acceptance simple and straight-forward, ensuring departments can maximize funding without an annoying experience.