Human Resources

While administrators and teachers are busy educating the youth, your Human Resources (HR) department is responsible for payroll, insurance and everything in-between. EFS will help minimize much of the associated paperwork when implementing our electronic processing solutions for any HR-related payments. Streamline your process from slow, time-consuming operations to platforms rooted in the 21st century.


HR Payments

HR Departments can use our multi-faceted platforms to accept many of its charges that apply to former, current and prospective staff. COBRA payments and pension contributions can easily be completed through one of our EFS payment solutions. We can even make account management for your retired and former employees less tedious with associated reports that can be saved or exported. Show more

Recurring Payments

Staff and retirees required to make weekly, monthly or quarterly payments enjoy our recurring payment option. For HR items such as insurance reimbursements, where the amount is fixed, recurring payments provide your staff with the peace-of-mind knowing their payments will be made even if away on vacation.


Collecting invoices can bring the unwanted task of tracking down its payment. AutoPay eliminates the delay of getting paid by automatically charging a payer’s credit or debit card. Once enabled, this EFS service will debit an employee’s card two business days from when HR assesses a balance. Your staff are not without options, as email notifications are sent at the time of billing and can contest charges if there’s a discrepancy.