K12 Food Service Donations
Helping Feed Our Children and Lower Food Service Department Losses

You have reached a non-profit donation page. Contact your school district for more information.

Buy a Less Fortunate Child a Meal

Children cannot control their economic situations and occasionally they need a helping hand.  Our school always wants to feed each child a nutritious meal and needs your help in meeting that goal.  We will apply your donation of $10 or more to a child who could use your help.

Help a Hungry Child Eat for a Week

From time to time children and their families can use your help in providing a child with a nutritious lunch.  When a child is hungry, it is harder for them to learn daily lessons.  You can help a child whose economic situation has taken an unexpected turn by donating $25 to their lunch account.  Your donation will help us feed that child and avoid undo embarrassment to a child.


Our school district, like many, has families that are dealing with unforeseen financial circumstances. This requires us to fund a student’s lunch so that they may receive a nutritious meal.  This places a financial burden on the school district and we are asking for your help in paying off negative lunch balances so we can continue providing full nutritious meals to our students.  Please give:  $50, $75, $100+ (or any amount you can afford).

Fighting Hunger

Each year our food service department finds itself with insufficient funds because families are unable to fully fund their student’s lunch account.  We need the community’s help in helping these parents.  We have calculated the funds required to pay outstanding debt for our elementary and middle schools.  Any amount you contribute to meet our goals will be greatly appreciated.  Please include your name so we may honor your donation and thank you for your help.