LoanPay Xpress

LoanPay Xpress solution delivers an all-in one, multi-channel platform for payment acceptance. Provide borrowers of all types with a quick and easy method for making their loan payments from any outside checking/savings account or credit/debit card. Reduce paper check handling, decrease your in-bound call volume, and automate your back-end ACH payment posting. All payments post directly to the individual loan account via ACH as early as the next business day; eliminating the need for manually posting credit. As an alternative, a daily payments file can be imported to your core system for manual posting of same-day credit.


Online Web-Hosted Payments

  • An efficient method for borrowers to self-manage their loan payments via secure Internet connection.
  • By clicking an access link on your financial institution’s website, borrowers are transferred to our secure payment site.
  • An optional payments due file can be uploaded via automated Secure File Transfer Protocol to prevent invalid transactions and provide a more user-friendly payment experience.
  • Generous feature controls and options that allow each institution to custom tailor for their specific needs.
  • Rebranding with your financial institution logo and product naming is encouraged.

Pre-Authorized Recurring

  • Offer your borrowers an automated payment plan right at the loan closing.
  • Originated by your own financial institution staff and can be managed and updated from the back-office administrative portal at any time.
  • Simplify your ACH management by consolidating both new and existing pre-authorized originations to one system.

Call Center & Collections

  • For fast payment entry and immediate credit/debit card funds authorization
  • Several easy-to-use payment features for use in a call center or collections environment.
  • Help lower your delinquency ratio and collect payments instantly.

Touch-Tone Phone IVR

  • Alternative to online web-hosted payments, a perfect fit for borrowers without regular internet access.
  • Directly accessed through a dedicated 800 number,
  • or integrated as a touch-tone menu option within your own phone banking channel.

In-Personal & Virtual Terminal

  • Service your in-person payment requests at all branch levels, at the teller counter.
  • A quick and cost effective means to obtaining loan payment funds, replacing your cash advance terminals.
  • Authorized as a sale transaction, often eliminating costly cash advance fees.
  • Functions with slimiline card swiper, or key entry into the web-hosted Virtual Terminal interface.

mConnect API

  • Seamless user-experience with integration to your online or mobile banking platform.
  • With several API options, we are eager to work with any solution provider to provide your desired level of integration.
  • Ranging from single-sign-on, tokenization, fully integrated experience and more.