Library & Media Center

Our library and media center product suite will save your staff time by accepting online and mobile payments for rentals, fees and fines. Our POS terminal accepts payments by cash, check, credit card and K12 Student Wallet with receipting available via printout or email. Free and reduced eligible students can even have discounts calculated automatically whether parents pay online, use Mobile Pay or through one our POS platforms.


Fines & Fees

Take advantage of EFS to catalog student fines and late fees for your libraries and media centers. Use one of our integrated partnerships to assess student records with outstanding balances or easily upload charges yourself through our Student Fees and EFS Batch solutions. Make payment acceptance convenient for your parents and staff too with our online and mobile platforms that post payments in real-time.

Auto Charge

EFS knows how limited a parent’s time can be. Auto Charge is our AutoPay service giving more time to parents by auto-debiting student fines and late fees when assessed. Parents will add a credit/debit card to be charged within two business days of a fee or fine entering the EFS system. During the two-business day window, they can contest charges if they feel an error has occurred or know funds are not available.

Online Purchases & Rentals

If your department doesn’t offer online purchases or rentals, it does now! Use the EFS Core System so students, parents and guests can make payment from home or a mobile device, and use their electronic receipt as proof of payment. Treat your reading enthusiasts and media junkies to an enjoyable user experience while helping to increase reach and revenue.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

School libraries and media centers can still assist visitors who prefer an in-person experience too! EFS has POS Express, POS Loaded and POS Tablet solutions, which offers in-person payment acceptance toward department operations. Cash, check, credit/debit card and K12 Student Wallet make checkout a seamless process for anyone who wants to purchase or rent your district’s resources.