May Newsletter

MULTIPLE EFS SERVICES AVAILABLE  – Learn more about how we can help you get through the school year!
Please take a look at this quick six-minute video which provides a glance at e~Funds for Schools’ features and services. Maybe you are looking to expand your services or you just need a refresher. Either way, the video is a great resource for all school staff members.  We would be happy to do a demo for you or answer any questions you have. Contact us today!
A simple process . . School-Initiated Refunds! Refunds can be made to credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts. All refunds are parent authorized and handled by trusted staff with access rights in your School District.  The process is simple! Learn more by watching the Refunds Overview video.  Once you’re ready to establish a refund policy, contact us and we’ll assist.
FUNDRAISING MADE EASY – No-Contact Donations
Fundraising Campaign Solutions make accepting NO-CONTACT DONATIONS a breeze! Do you want to increase contributions in your fundraising campaigns? With the mobile optimized platform, you can accept donations 24/7. Funds will go directly to your school bank account through your customized donation site. The possibilities are endless! Not only can it be used for community donations, but it can be used for athletics, choir, adult ed, class trips, technology updates, and so much more!  Contact a specialist today to get more information!
AS THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR NEARS, please mark your calendar to turn your EFS site off and adjusting site access features. Also, please remember those graduating seniors who have Low Balance/Auto-Replenish or Recurring/Pre-Authorized payments set up. If these features are not disabled, those payments will continue to generate. Please contact us if you need helping disabling your EFS features.