Student Fee Management

One of our core electronic payment modules, the EFS Student Fee Management system allows schools to accept online and mobile payments for both required, and optional student fees. Parents, students, staff and guests can make purchases from any available department such as your bookstore or spirit shop, while partnered SIS providers supply added convenience with Single Pay and Free/Reduced integration.


Student Fees

Each day before 6:00am, EFS receives the previous business day’s SIS ending file from your school or directly from an integrated SIS vendor. Containing student name, grade level, building number and outstanding fee balance, this allows EFS to provide email notifications and automated fee payments.    Show more

Optional Fees

EFS gives parents and students the opportunity to select optional fees when paying online, through mobile or in-person. Optional fees can be paid at the same time a parent is addressing required student fees, funding meal accounts, purchasing tickets or making donations. Corresponding reports include detailed purchase information, and funds can be divided between multiple bank and GL accounts.

Choice of Payment Types

EFS offers four different forms of online and mobile payment: credit card, debit card, direct debit and K12 Student Wallet. Because of the lower processing cost, on average, over 60% of parents pay by direct debit. Schools currently absorbing the processing fees for credit and debit cards will reduce the costs to their annual budget by implementing our direct debit solution.

K12 Student Wallet

The purpose of K12 Student Wallet is to reduce the amount of cash and checks processed by schools each day while speeding up payment acceptance. K12 Student Wallet allows students to make purchases and payments throughout a school’s campus, without cash, by using a parent-approved, authorized credit.   Show more


EFS offers several fee schedules to cover the processing costs of credit card, debit card, direct debit and other payment forms. The plans allow a school to pass all processing costs to parents, require parents pay some of the costs or absorb all fees.    Show more


POS Loaded is the EFS touch screen-based, onsite platform with easy icons for handling cash, check, credit/debit card and K12 Student Wallet payments quickly. Your school may add many options to its terminal including a cash drawer, receipt printer, credit card reader or bar code scanner. While optional hardware can be purchased, know that our POS Loaded system is cost-free to schools and includes electronic receipting.    Show more

Online Versus Mobile Payments

Traditional PC-based online payments are being surpassed by parents wanting to use a mobile device for school payments. Our API integration allows K12 mobile app providers to seamlessly add a school’s EFS items with little effort. Give parents the convenience of checking grades, receiving notifications and making payments from their smartphone or tablet.    Show more

Single Pay

In a single payment, a parent can fund their student’s lunch account, pay student fees, address outstanding fines and make optional purchases. EFS provides standard and dynamic reporting for each department’s received payments, tracks bookkeeping with GL information and deposits funds into multiple bank accounts.

Free & Reduced Available Campus Wide

EFS can use your school’s settings for its free and reduced lunch or SIS discounts in our POS, online and mobile payment platforms. This allows a school to flag other payment items available for discounted pricing campus-wide without any manual calculations by staff or students.   Show more


EFS is helping schools raise money through its online and mobile fundraising solution. Your school may solicit donations and support for any number of causes in your community or beyond. Parents can contribute while funding their student’s lunch account or paying a student fee, and guests without an EFS account will use Mobile Pay or visit onsite.