Transportation & Facility Rentals

Whether collecting bus fees, taking payment for field trips or renting out the district swimming pool, EFS can help your Facilities and Transportation departments. Our online, onsite and mobile platforms provide a much-wanted experience regardless of payment preference, and dynamic reports offer a real-time review so no one is accidentally excluded or penalized because of last-minute payments.


Online Web Hosted

Using our solutions, there’s no need to worry about installing and maintaining software on your school’s network. EFS removes credit card risk and worry by passing parents from your school’s website to our web-hosted, high secure payment processing system. All sensitive data is stored on the EFS network removing your school from strict PCI/DSS payment processing compliance.

Mobile App Ready

If your school currently has a parent and student Mobile App, you can easily add links to our Mobile App interface. EFS gives your parents a seamless process to pay for transportation costs, while organizations can use a credit/debit card when paying their invoices. Building and equipment rentals can send payers directly to checkout with our Mobile App interface as well, so payment processing is convenient to everyone involved.


Great for parents and organizations with busy schedules, Auto Charge is the EFS AutoPay solutions for your transportation and facility rental fees. Using a credit/debit card, balances are debited two business day after a fee is assessed by the department. Email notifications are sent in advance of processing to give parents or organizations time to contest their invoice, otherwise payments will be received without delay.

Credit Card / Debit Card

EFS can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for all transportation and facility rental payments. Your department has an option to absorb all costs charged by credit card merchants, require parents pay for the service or implement a shared-cost plan. Credit/debit card acceptance is available on all EFS platforms including our Online, Mobile Pay and POS solutions.